49ers cruise past the Seahawks 28-16

Santa Clara – The 49ers continue to dominate the NFC West with another win. They dominated the Seattle Seahawks 28-16 just one week after demolishing the Philadelphia Eagles. San Francisco has won 11-consecutive regular season games against NFC West opponents, which is the most consecutive division wins by an NFC West team since 2002.  

The 49ers offense registered 527 total yards on the day, marking the most yards in a single game this season by the team and the most yards that the Niners have registered since 2019.  San Francisco’s offense averaged 9.9 yds. per play vs. the Seahawks, marking the team’s highest average yards per play in a single game since averaging 9.9 yards per play against the Buffalo Bills in 2012 [W, 45-3 vs. Buf. (10/7/12)].  

Brock Purdy recorded 368 passing yards, Brandon Aiyuk recorded 126 reception yards, Deebo Samuel recorded 149 reception yards, and Christian McCaffrey recorded 145 rushing yards. The 49ers became the first team to have at least one player with 300-or-more passing yards, two players with 100-or-more reception yards and one player with 100-or-more rushing yards in the same game.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m a part of a special group,” said Purdy. “Any one of our guys, any one of our eligibles, you get the ball in their hands and then they can go do the rest, break tackles, obviously have pull away, breakaway speed. I mean, we see it every game. So, to throw like a five-yard pass or even a deep ball, it doesn’t matter. We’ve got playmakers.

“I feel like that’s our mindset with this team. Like I said before, we have playmakers across the board, so if you throw an outside zone to Christian and you can take it 70, you can throw a checkdown to Deebo Samuel and he’ll take it 50. So that’s how we do look at it. We have guys across the board that can make anything happen at any time and that’s our mindset. But obviously you get in situational football, you have to be smart and not just throw deep or anything like that, but we have guys that can score at any moment. So, we know that.” 

Purdy completed 19 of his 27 passing attempts for a career-high 368 yards and two touchdowns. His 70.4% completion percentage marks his 7th consecutive game with a completion percentage of 70%-or-higher, which is the longest streak of games with a completion percentage of 70%-or-higher by a 49ers QB since QB Joe Montana in the 1989 season. Purdy is also just the 4th QB in NFL history to register a completion percentage 70%-or-higher in 7-consecutive games. 

San Francisco’s defense has held opposing offenses without a 100-yard individual rusher in 40-consecutive games dating back to Week 9 of 2021 [vs. Arz. (11/7/21)]. The 49ers 40-consecutive games without an opposing 100-yard rusher marks the longest active streak in the NFL and the longest streak by an NFL team since the New Orleans Saints streak from 2017-2020. It’s also the 2nd longest streak in the NFL since at least 2000.   

“I feel like we’ve always sort of had shots within plays,” Purdy said. “If the defense gives us a look, we take it. Was I afraid to go deep or anything like that last year? I don’t think so. This year I feel just more aware of what our offense is and where guys are supposed to be and if a defense gives us a look, I’m more ready for it and aware of it. So, I have taken deep shots this year.” 

“I thought there were some things that were a little sloppy,” said Kyle Shanahan. “We’re just a little inconsistent throughout the day, but guys made a ton of plays, got enough points. On the two turnovers the defense caused were huge. It wasn’t the perfect football by any means, but our only goal is to get a win and we found a way to do it.

“We got so many guys who can get such big plays on little plays. We went for a big play early in the game, tried to get [TE] George [Kittle] and [WR Brandon Aiyuk] BA down the middle and the two hook defenders were deep in the safety. Some of my favorite plays by Brock in the day because he just went to a checkdown which was the right answer and Deebo was the five-yard checkdown and he got 30 on it. So got a lot of explosive guys, but when you’re not just one dimensional in that way, you hope it’s a matter of time and just how it plays out.” 

George Kittle tallied 3 receptions for 76 yards and one touchdown, marking his 6th touchdown on the season and the 37th of his career. With 76 rec. yds. on the day, Kittle now has 6,065 rec. yds. in 95 career games, which is the 4th fewest number of games to reach 6,000 career rec. yds. by an NFL TE since at least 1970. Kittle also became the fastest 49ers TE to reach 6,000 career rec. yds. and the 3rd fastest 49ers player to reach 6,000 career rec. yds.

“We always talk about ‘there’s a lot of mouths of feed,’ but whenever these guys get their opportunities, they make the most of them: breaking tackles, getting [yards after catch]. It’s awesome,” Kittle said. “I was 25 yards away, so I almost got in that category, but I’ll take a touchdown. It was awesome. We didn’t play our best ball today by any means. We had a couple turnovers, got stopped on third downs, had some negative plays, but our defense played at a high level and our offense was able to gut it out. But honestly, my favorite play was [P Mitch Wishnowsky]’s run on the punt. Too bad that got taken back. That was pretty special.” 

Fred Warner registered 8 tackles and 1 INT of Seahawks QB Drew Lock, marking his 4th INT of the season and the 8th of his career. Warner’s 4 INTs this season are tied for the most by a non-DB in franchise history. Warner’s 8 tackles give him 107 tackles this season, marking his 6th consecutive season with 100-or-more tackles. Warner’s 6-consecutive seasons with 100-or-more tackles surpass former LB Derek Smith for the most by a 49er’s player in franchise history.  

“I don’t know what happened,” said Warner. “I told him [DK Metcalf] he tackled really well and then for some reason he didn’t like that. I guess what happened, happened. That’s unfortunate. He has to learn to keep his composure, but happy we came out with the win.” 

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