Bobino Sports Break story

Malaika Bobino, an Oakland, California native, is a Bay Area sports journalism powerhouse and influencer. With nearly two decades of experience at both the Oakland Post and the Huffington Post, she is always on the front lines of the iconic Bay Area sports scene. Bobino covered the Oakland A’s postseason trips, all three of the San Francisco Giants World Series, was present for all three Golden State Warriors three NBA Championships and covered the 49ers last two Super Bowl appearances.

She has decades of exciting, first-hand memories of Bay Area sports. Over the years, Bobino has covered the NBA, NFL, MLB and USA Basketball for the Post News Group. In 2010, she traveled with USA Basketball team overseas for the FIBA games, NBA All-Stars and got national coverage for both Commissioners David Stern and Roger Goodell live press conferences.

But Bobino is not just limited to sports! She covered Live Nation for the past decade, along with politics and the IT world at conferences like AfroTech and Salesforce. With so much going on in the world, Bobino decided to start her own website to bring you breaking sports, entertainment and world news stories. Bobino Sports endeavors to bring diversity and inclusion in the world of sports. We offer opportunities through journalism and education in building a strong foundation for the future of media.    

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