Basketball season is back! The Warriors host Media Day for the 2023-24 season.

San Francisco – The NBA season is officially back, the Golden State Warriors hosted Media Day at Chase Center today. Everyone returning from the offseason is ready to get back to accomplish one goal, a championship. It’s another fresh start with some new faces, including veteran All-Star Chris Paul.

Draymond Green on his ankle injury.

“I think there’s definitely going to be some differences, and I think one of the things that will be important to keep up with is Chris, because Chris will have his own view of how certain things should work, and like you just don’t take that and throw it away,” said Green. “It’s Chris Paul; he’s one of the smartest players to play this game, so he’s going to have some things, say some things, see some things that quite frankly nobody else may see or say. 

So I think just from that perspective alone it’s a difference. Like that’s a totally different force to be reckoned with. Like I said, that’ll come with some different things, some different vantage points. That’ll come with, oh, man, I see y’all doing this this way. What do you think about doing it this way, and then you look at it like, Ah, that makes sense, wouldn’t have thought it that. And all of a sudden something we’ve been doing this way changes.”


“I would say this summer I got to really like focus on myself and working on things that Tim wanted me to do and wanted me to add on and just more of trying to be like a full complete player. It’s not going to happen in just one night. But I just keep on working every single day, going to help me and establish or help me to get where I want to go. 

I’m definitely coming back confident. Whatever happen, anything happen, I’m already prepared for anything. So I feel confident going into my third year. I would being a full, complete player and fit perfect with the rest of the guys and helping this team win.”

Chris Paul talks about being a Warrior and the starting rotation.
Gary Payton II on his health from last season and this offseason.
Stephen Curry on Chris Paul.


“I talked to some people about the opportunity, and definitely if all things stay the same, I want to be playing. It’s the one thing I haven’t done, and I also understand the opportunity for 

Team USA to kind of reassert themselves as dominant in the world and all that type of stuff. 

Definitely want to be there. Definitely want to be on the team. Hopefully things line up that way where we’re all there.”

Klay Thompson on his summer and upcoming season.


“I think it’s possible and if not, life is still great. Like I’m still playing basketball in my 13th year in the NBA. So I have no complaints. Whatever the future has in store, like, I’ve done so many great things in this 

uniform and I know there are many more memories to create so whatever happens, life is great. I can’t really complain. I’ve had an incredible run here and I look forward to making more great memories with the guys.” 


“For sure. Everyone came out. It was a great time, having time to connect with the team, because summertime, usually you don’t see nobody that often. Getting a chance to catch up and seeing how everyone’s summer has been and getting a chance to get some work done in the gym has been great. I feel like it’s going to help us get off to a great start, a great training camp and set that foundation up for the rest of the year. 

Last season was a little different for sure with the connectivity part. But I’m confident for this season. That helped, having little team get-togethers and just building that connectivity up and that trust up and that chemistry, and so I feel like this year will be a special year for us. 

But for this year, I’m excited. I plan to be on the court all the time, and you know, just be out there with the guys, and I’m confident about this year. I put in a lot of work this summer to prepare myself for the season coming up.”

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