Warriors Media Day

The NBA season is back and a few familar faces have returned. Klay Thompson whose looking at a possible return in December or January found his inner “Jackie Moon” for Media Day. General Manager Bob Myers and Steve Kerr echoed each other by saying Thompson’s return will not be on the road. A special moment like that deserves to be a home game. Thompson talks about his excitement to be in the building.

Andre Iguodala talks about how he ended up back in a Warriors uniform and free agency.

Andrew Wiggins has yet to become vaccinated and the NBA recently rejected his request to get a religious exemption from the COVID vaccination. As training camp is set to start tomorrow, he is risking playing with his team this season. The City and County of San Francisco has required all 35,000 City employees be vaccinated.

“I’m confident in my beliefs and what I think is right and what I think is wrong,” Wiggins said. “I’m gonna keep doing what I believe. … What’s right for one person isn’t right for another. It’s none of your business is what it comes down to. I don’t ask you guys what you believe is right or wrong.

I’ll say something when I’m ready. The only thing the media has done is make it bigger than it has to be. I’ll say my side of everything when I’m ready.”

Stephen Curry said a few remarks on his teammate refusal to get vaccinated.

“At the end of the day, it is up to him. It’s no secret to that point. We obviously hope that he has all the right information, the access to the right resources to ask all the questions he has on making that decision,” Curry said. “We hope he’s available. We hope he moves in the right direction.

Video and Photo by Warriors/Twitter

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