Green opens up about time away from the team

San Francisco – A humbled Draymond Green met with reporters today for the first time since his suspension by the NBA. In fielding questions from the media Green talked about what the process of being away has done for him. Unlike any other suspension in the past, this time there was a gamut of emotions. Green’s 12-day suspension allowed him to realize what the problem was.

Draymond Green

Green discussed his antics must change and what it means to him about crossing the line. We’ve seen an aggressive Green for years, recently he addressed almost retiring because things became too much for him to sort through. Green discussed his antics have led him in the wrong path and now he must change his ways because he’s cost the team and organization too much.

Green’s 3 1/2 weeks away from the team has made him realize his selfish acts cost the team a great deal. He’s been keeping up with the games and anxiously awaiting his return to the lineup but understands that process will take time. The therapy gave him a new perspective on his career and family. In the suspension in the past, it was just about getting back on the court. This time there was more reflection on his own behavior.

“Coach welocmed me back in film and BP [Brandon Podziemski] started clapping and then everyone started clapping, and I’m like well, I don’t think I deserve a round of applause,” Green said.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has repeatedly said Green can take as much time as he needs before returning. It’s not about basketball but healing for the veteran player. But there is no timetable for his return to the lineup. Green didn’t play basketball or participate in any conditioning while being away from the team so, he needs to catch up. 

Steve Kerr

Kerr did emphasize that there will be “no more buts” rule with Green. No more excuses or apology will be accepted after any more heinous acts from the 12-year player. Green has always had an excuse or a but, when involved in referees or player disputes and Kerr has had enough. 

“I’m open minded,” Kerr explained. “He’s a huge part of this team and our leadership. He’s going to resume that but, needs the awareness that comes with what he’s just gone through and what he’s put the team through, as well.”

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