Warriors ready for NBA Draft Day

San Francisco – The Golden State Warriors feel good about their picks. While things seem to be slowly moving back to normal in the NBA world, the upcoming season should start on-time and a healthy roster is to be expected for the Warriors.  

What moves will the team make in the upcoming NBA Draft that’s three days away. Golden State has picks No. 7 and 14 in the lottery and hope to capitalize off that.  Warriors General Manager Bob Myers spoke with the media today and gave a little insight into what happens Draft day.

“The next three days will be what the previous 30 have been which is: Do we want to draft? Do we want to draft two picks? What if you draft a young guy at seven, do you want to draft a young guy at 14 too? said Myers.

What do we want our team to be? We try to do the best we can with what’s put in front of us, whether that’s the best trade or whether that’s the best pick. That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

Here’s what the fans want, the best moves and decision in adding to the complimentary pieces of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Golden State was eliminated early in the NBA Play-In Tournament to the Memphis Grizzlies. They got a taste on what it felt like to return to a playoff atmosphere where they once thrived.

“We want to win, and so do they (Curry, Thompson and Green),” Myers said.

There’s always a plan going into the draft but anything can change at the last minute. In fact, Myers explained that sometimes the best deals come late. There’s only one goal next season and that’s to return to the NBA Finals. 

“As of 2:00pm today, yes,” said Myers on if they’ll use their picks in the draft. “But here’s the problem with that answer. As of 2:45pm, that can change or at 3:15pm. The league has never operated closer to the deadline than it does now. And things have never happened faster.”

Tune in to the NBA Draft this Thursday, July 29 at 8pm ET. Or join the Warriors Watch Party Thursday at 4:40pm PST at Chase Center.

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