Trey Lance was all the hype for 49ers preseason opener

Santa Clara – Trey lance didn’t disappoint in his preseason game.  On his first throw, it was an incomplete but the second throw he took his time, went deep to Wide Receiver Trent Sherfield for an 80-yard touchdown. Despite the 49ers losing 19-16 to the Kansas City Chiefs. Lance felt like it was a dream come true scoring his first touchdown.

“Yeah, it was super exciting,” said Lance. “You know, it’s the kind of moment you dream of scoring your first touchdown. Even though it’s pre-season, it was pretty cool. With my teammates, the guys in that locker room that they were so excited for me and for Trent making that play. So it was for sure a special moment, wish I could have, again, capitalized on the opportunities that came after that.”

Lance was also sacked four times and had quite a few drops and fumbled. He went 5-of-14 for 128 yards. San Francisco kept most of their starters out, including George Kittle, Arik Armstead and Fred Warner to name a few. Lance’s one touchdown was enough to get cheers from his teammates and coaches.

Throughout training camp, Lance has been the talk about being the tp guy to backup Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s lived up to the hype of being the backup quarterback the team has been missing for years. After the loss, Lance talked about his excitement to study film to correct his mistakes.

“Obviously I’ll focus on what I did incorrectly more than I’ll focus on what I did well,” Lance explained. “But I mean, there’s something I can learn on pretty much every play out there, so it’ll be good for me to go through and watch it. And my first time in a game setting being tackled in a while, so, excited to go back and watch that and really see kind of if what I felt lined up with what I was seeing on tape.”

“Some good, some bad,” said 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said. Made some big plays. I mean, obviously the one touchdown. I mean, some stuff to go over on film that we can improve on and some stuff that he did good though.

We had a couple of drops there with, especially on a third down that he could have kept the drive going if we had caught it. But it was a good first day. I mean, I didn’t want it to go perfect for him. I’d like some things that he could learn from and there will be a lot of things that we can go over tomorrow.”  

49ers next and finale preseaon game will be August 29 at 1pm against the Las Vegas Raiders at Levi’s Stadium.

Photo by 49ers

Malaika Bobino

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