The 7th Annual Black, Food & Wine Experience

Oakland – Oakland’s own Chef Mimi’s 7th Annual Food, Wine & Experience was another success. This year’s event was held at the Bridge Yard where over 50 vendors displayed their products. The sold-out crowd got to sample various wines, rose’ and tequila. They also got to feast on small bites from vegan, gluten free, savory meats, soul food along with tasty sweets and deserts.  

The Bridge Yard.

Aminah “Chef Mimi” Robinson-Briscoe created this experience based on her culinary skills in the food industry while given an opportunity to other black owned chefs and wine makers across the Bay Area. The Black, Food & Wine Experience invests in educational programs and initiatives to support Black & indigenous-owned Food & Beverage entrepreneurs to create the next generation of hospitality leaders. Since 2016, the Black Food & Wine Experience has supported more than over 300 Bay Area businesses, impacted over $1 million in sales, created and placed over 100+ Jobs, provided structure to new businesses and revenue to the City of Oakland.

Through Chef Mimi’s LLC, Chef Mimihas developed three distinct brands: The Black Food & Wine Experience, an interactive annual event that bridges food, beverage, education, health, and Black culture, “Bringing It to The Table,” the first culinary competition show highlighting the talent and passion of Black chefs, and Chef Mimi Catering, a boutique catering company that services Bay Area tech companies such as Facebook, Slack, Twilio and Lyft as well as non-profits and cultural events like the Coalition of Black Excellence and ESSENCE Festival. 

Chef Mimi

Other vendors talk about their brands like Francesca who offers a new twist to the classic sidecar. 🍊 Experience our modern take on the timeless sidecar with the rich flavors of Agave Jera Cocktail complemented by a hint of citrusy zest. Cheers to tradition with a twist!

Francesca – Sidecar with a twist.
Gingerliously Ginger Beer

Born and raised in Northern California, a professional chef based in Vacaville, California. With over 10 years of experience in the culinary arts, she specializes in creating unique, delicious meals for all occasions. Chef Esh-Marie focuses on Creole Cuisine. She’s also familiar with the latest cooking trends, and her menu changes often to keep things fresh and exciting. 

Chef Esh-Marie

You don’t want to miss out on this event next year. The culture that surrounds this experience is unforgettable. This is not just a foodie event, its black culture, music, dancing, art, networking, and a fashion statement. Yes, the best dressed only enter this extravagant event, men don suits and women wear their best dresses with sneakers. We need your feet to be comfortable with all that walking and dancing. Each venue is big enough to hold up to 50 or more vendors. 

Be sure to get your tickets for this event next year at

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