On a day of unrest, Warriors fall to Clippers 108-101

San Francisco – Today the country watched in horror as supporters of former President, Donald Trump ambushed the White House causing mayhem.  We all were completely astounded to see that the Secret Service, the Washington D.C. Metropolitan police and National Guars allowed these terrorists climd the White House wall, enter and take random photos in various offices and the lobby.

Nonetheless, the NBA resumed their games with many questioning how could this happen?  If these were Black Lives Matter protesters, tear gas and guns would’ve been used on all who got within ten feet outside of the White House gate.  There is no doubt President Trump was the worst President of all time.

“I started the day thinking about how we were going to guard Lou Williams without fouling him and suddenly, that didn’t seem quite as important when I turned the TV on as shootaround was beginning,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said pregame.  “Just a bizarre scene, but a pretty clear reminder that the truth matters.  The truth matters in our country and anywhere, in any circumstance because of the repercussions if we allow lies to spread.  And if we enable people in power to lie, you all of a sudden have millions of people who are doubting an election that was certified in every state.

People like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Josh Hawley had to do pregame media before they meet in Congress.  It would be great for them to answer the question: ‘Are you happy now? Do you keep moving the line back? Does this change anything? Are you going to continue to enable?’  Maybe they should do pregame media, maybe like an end of first quarter session interview while Congress is meeting, I would like that.”

The Los Angeles Clippers cooled off Stephen Curry and Golden State in the first of a two-game series.  The Warriors lost 108-101 to LA after a poor night of shooting.  It was all Clippers in the first half, credit their defense for allowing Curry only 5 points and forced Golden State to shot 8-of-30 from the three-point line.

“Yes, said Clippers head coach Ty Lue when asked did you stop Steph.  “Our philosophy is we want to try and take the best player out.  We know Steph could go for 60 like he did the other day.”

To start the fourth Golden State went back to a zone defense and cut the lead to one point.  Damion Lee hit a three-point shot to give the Warriors a one-point lead with Curry resting on the bench.  But Draymond Green got a Flagrant-1 foul when he and Kawhi Leonard locked arms before falling to the floor.  

Two free throws for Leonard gave LA a 2-point lead with under five minutes to go.  Then Patrick Beverly hit a 3-point shot followed two three’s from Nicolas Batum giving the Clippers an 11 point lead with wide open jump shots.  The Warriors rushed shots, played no defense on either side of the ball.

Eric Paschall had a strong night off the bench, he finished with 19 points while Curry who tweaked his ankle late in the game had 13 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds.  Paschall scored 9 points immediately coming in and went 8-of-12.  Curry told Kerr that his ankle was fine and will receive treatment Thursday.

“He did tweak it,” Kerr said.  “He told me it’s not serious so, he’ll come in tomorrow and get treatment.  The good news is Steph does think it’s anything too serious.”

Photo by Warriors/Twitter

Malaika Bobino

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