Madison Bumgarner Returns to Oracle Park

San Francisco – Almost a year ago, Madison Bumgarner tossed his last game at Oracle Park. In just a few days he’ll be back on the mound. The Arizona Diamondbacks begin their three-game series this weekend against the Giants and this time Bumgarner will be on the mound facing his old team.

“I’m a pretty easy going guy. Guys have been asking me if it’s weird being on the other side and all that,” Bumgarner said. “It’s really not. It’s nice to be back and see a lot of the guys I knew and played with and worked with. There’s a lot of new faces for sure. It’s pretty much completely different, it looks like. I was excited to come back here and see the city.”

After a 10 year career with the Giants, Bumgarner didn’t feel like he got the best contract offer and decided to move on with the Diamondbacks who gave him a deal for 5 years worth $85 million. After former manager Bruce Bochy announced he was retiring the year before, it was the end to an era of great baseball. Three World Series were won over 5 years.

“I spent the last 10 years here. You don’t just forget about it,” said Bumgarner. “I think about it, when I see the guys play, watching different ballgames or when we’re playing the Giants, you can’t help but reminisce a little bit.”

Bumgarner is coming off the injured list with back spasms that sidelined him in early August. After signing his deal with Arizona Bumgarner hasn’t been the same dominant pitcher he once was with the Giants. In a short season due to coronavirus, Bumgarner has gone 0-4 in four starts and 7.52 ERA.

“Feel pretty good. The back stuff’s gone. We got that taken care of pretty quick.,” Bumgarner said. “Then just kind of slowly building back up and making sure we’re ready to come back here and be ready.”

Bumgarner is schedule to face-off against Trevor Cahill this Saturday.

Malaika Bobino

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