Lakers beat the Miami Heat to win NBA Championship

After almost one hundred days in the NBA bubble, the Los Angeles Lakers emerged as the NBA Champions after defeating the Miami Heat 106-93 Sunday night.  In the beginning it seemed almost impossible to pull off, but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and his staff did a remarkable job in keeping everyone safe to resume play.  

During their sojourned stay at the Orlando Disney World Resort, the players endured difficultly in what was happening in the outside world.  Through their voice, jerseys and social media accounts players expressed their frustrations with the chaos outside of the bubble.  

Then their focus changed to a competitive environment to win the NBA Championship.  The Lakers didn’t have an easy path, they faced some good teams along the way including the Miami Heat just didn’t have enough gas in Game 6.  The Lakers exploded on offense and maintained a 20-point lead through the game.

LeBron James who recorded his 17th season won his fourth NBA Championship and fourth Finals MVP.  Los Angeles hadn’t won a championship since 2010, but on Sunday night, they won their 17th championship and tied the Boston Celtics for the most NBA Championships in NBA history. 

“This was very challenging and very difficult,” said James postgame.  “It played with your mind and it played with your body.  You’re away from some of the things you’re so accustomed to make you the professional you are. 

This is right up there with one of the greatest accomplishments I have.”

Photo by Lakers/Twitter

Malaika Bobino

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