BlaCouer presents P. Harrell Wines

San Francisco – Melina Jones only mission is to design the most unforgettable experience in her newly acquired retail space in the Westfield Shopping Centre in San Francisco. Located on the second floor in between the Body Shop and Guess, you’ll find COEUR415. A culture-driven lifestyle brand of apparel and accessories that articulate the infectious, creative and innovative spirit of San Francisco. 

In 2021, they expanded their business by building out a creative studio and innovation laboratory multi-functioning as the connective tissue that bonds this spirit of San Francisco to its patrons, residents, and visitors. Since their brand is heavily driven by design, Jones leverage the universal principles of design thinking and innovation for product development, while our environments and experiences are informed by the functions of harmony within a series of initiatives to heal racial trauma.

They design the most unforgettable products and experiences that authentically express the heart and soul of San Francisco by embedding The City’s culture into our process, while leveraging the universal principles of design thinking and technology & innovation for product development in our in house creative laboratory—Atelier COEUR. Currently, they are starting with the most forgotten, displaced and underrepresented group in The City—the Black community. Whenever possible, our products are designed and produced, or born, in San Francisco, which we believe yields exponential value of each product and experience, while invigorating our local economy and inspiring a new generation of artists, designers, technologists, and visionaries. 

Tonight, the venue celebrated Paula Harrell Wines. 

BlaCoeur owner Melina Jones talks about her vision and business:

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