AfroTech goes virtual for 2020

The largest multicultural technology conference just wrapped up its fifth year and surprisingly it went viral.  The last eight months have been difficult across the world, due to Covid-19 the entire country has gone on lockdown. 

Thanks to their sponsor Blavity, the conference was able to keep schedule and continue their to bring entrepreneurs, engineers, entertainment and tech giants to AfroTech World.  The new virtual experience was by far extraordinary.  All you do is create your avatar and proceed to enter the conference.

Once in the world of AfroTech, you were able to attend any conference via the menu.  Listed were up to five different conference rooms, a lunch-table lounge, the beach or rooftop to socialize and relax as well as listen to live DJs.  Another option were virtual rooms that gave you an experience of mediation, yoga, resume seminars and more.

Speakers from all over participated via Zoom including Brown Girl Jane, a group of three women (two sisters and a friend) who attended Spelman College, developed a product for an urban market untouched.  Sisters Malaika Jones Kebede and Nisa Jones teamed up with wellness expert Tai Beaucahamp to create a plant-based product infused with CBD oil for women of color.

Brown Girl Jane CBD is non-intoxicating and is made without the THC (which is the more intoxicating portion of the plant).  Their products are 100 percent vegan and can be used for daily wellness.  A few popular products are their body butter that can cure sore muscles and pain relief as well a drop of pure oil under your tongue or in your favorite drink and/or coffee.

Please check out their website at

Denise Bailey-Castro, Vice President of BET Networks was another speaker who discussed the growth and new developments of the network.  The BET Awards held yearly was televised nationally for the first time this on ABC.  The growth of the network over the past few years has been incredible, the website now presents the latest political, national and world news.  Bailey-Castro talked about the new developments with online streaming.

“There’s an urban market that’s really isn’t being met,” said Bailey-Castro.  “We looked internally at ourselves and we thought about our broader eco system with Viacom and CBS as well as our sister stations VH1, MTV and Comedy Central.  Last year we embarked on a new partnership with Tyler Perry Studios.  Underneath all of that together we created BET Plus. 

BET Plus is streaming black culture, just like Netflix, you can view black movies, TV Shows, exclusive originals and the best of Tyler Perry.  You can stream BET Plus through Amazon Prime video and BET Plus app available on your phone or Roku TV.    After a seven-day free trial the price is $9.99 a month.  

Britta Wilson, VP of Inclusion Strategies, spoke about the commitment in equipping leaders to build inclusive cultures, where everyone experiences success and thrives in their environment.  The importance of these speakers who share their knowledge and experience gives our community and new generation a motive to be the best.  All of AfroTech’s speakers and top tech companies offer opportunities, advice and a plan.  

AfroTech sells out every year, last year up to 5,000 attendees registered, 80 speakers throughout the week were available all over the AfroTech World campus and up to 40 tech companies participated.  AfroTech is about fellowship and building a network of innovators, investors and professionals. Don’t miss out on signing up next year, stay up-to-date by going to AfroTech’s website at

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